I don’t know where I’m going. Why I’m here. What is my purpose. All I do is to wander. Go with the flow. Try things that may give me answers to life’s biggest questions that are, in reality, unanswerable. But I look for the answers anyway, to feel at ease, the feel that there’s actually a reason why things happen, to make myself believe that there are answers to all the questions.

I sometimes wish that if only I could see my future, if only I could know what’s really meant for me. So that I wouldn’t be wasting time doing this and that and then find out later on that it’s not for me. Disappointment is not a sweet downfall. There are downfalls in life that are worth it and there are those downfalls that are like you’re tied in a stretchable band and you’re tossed up in the sky and you feel like you’re flying and just when you start to enjoy the feeling you’re pulled back down harshly to the ground to remind you of reality.

Well it’s kind of like that

I may not know everything I want to know now, and I may not know about everything, ever, but I will keep on wandering. Wander to places that will give me a piece of myself. Wander to places that would help me become a whole as a person. I would just keep on wandering. Time will come. But only Time can tell.


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