31 Signs You Like Books More Than You Like People

OKAY. It’s official. I like books more than people. HAHA

Thought Catalog

1. You often cancel plans to stay home and read, because you just have to find out what happens in the next chapter.

2. In almost everything you read, you find which character you would be, and with the books you really love, you can cast everyone in your life as someone in the novel.

3. You’ll read the same book repeatedly, just to experience it over and over, as much as possible.

4. You’ve binge-read a book or a series until you could finish the whole thing, staying up late nights and avoiding sleep because you just couldn’t put it down.

5. You bring a book with you everywhere, even to movies, concerts or the gym, just in case you need great literature on hand.

6. When you go on vacation, you often bring more books than you do pairs of shoes, and friends or family members will to…

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