10 Great Ways To Pass The Time For When You’re Single

Thought Catalog

1. Celebrate holidays however you want

Dress up as a hotdog in November and eat Thanksgiving dinner by yourself. Valentines Day is now Celebrate Me Day! Get a massage or take off of work and go on a mini vacation.

2. Watch embarrassing movies on Netflix

No one is around to judge you, but maybe have your account under a user called Brenda to blame all of the weird suggestions on just in case you have company over one day.

3. Adopt a puppy

They take up a lot of time, and they’re as cute as hell. Now you won’t need a significant other for approximately 12 years. Get some experience being a single mother/father to a cute, furry thing. Plus, dogs won’t judge you when you’re in bed eating ice cream. They’re so down for that shit.

4. Take a ten hour bubble bath

Literally turn into a prune…

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