Sometimes, You’re The Loneliest When There’s A Ton Of People Around

Thought Catalog

I had just left my University’s football game, surrounded by thousands of people, when something bad happened. I started to think.

It was a lonely, isolating thought that immediately shifted my mood from fun loving to soul crushing. No – it wasn’t about poverty or genocide or inequality or death. It was about friendship.

I started to question what my friendships were consisted of and how I was fostering that. And then it became very obvious to me that while I certainly have a select few friends whom I share actual substance with, the majority of my interactions end up feeling hollow or superficial upon inspection. Too often, I find myself making time for friends only when it’s “convenient,” and vice versa. Too often, I feel that I can share a meal with many but share my thoughts with none. Too often, I question the integrity and the weight behind…

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