A Love a Lot Like in the Books


Call me an ideal person or a delusional one, but I’m still dreaming and hoping for that kind of love to come in my life that are like in the books. That kind of love that overcomes everything. That kind of love that I finally find the reason why I’m living and that that person is the only reason after all. That kind of love that that person accepts me entirely for who I am and for who I am not and for who I am underneath all my masks. And even when all the masks come off at the end of the day, that person will still love me and all my flaws and all the unacceptable things that I find in myself won’t make that person love me less. 

A love like in the books, to find that person would never give up on me, would use words, or music, or literature to woo me. That person would make me feel so special. Everyone wants to feel that they’re special anyway. That kind of love that even in silence, it is still felt in an overwhelming way. That kind of love that would make other kinds of love so little and unimportant. A love that is immeasurable. A love that doesn’t end even when the book has ended. That kind of love that would make me stop dreaming and wishing about what kind of man or what kind of love I want to have because I finally have that person and would know that it is that person is what I’ve been waiting for. 

It is only in the rarest times that I allow myself to think about love and having a person to love in an intimate and romantic way. And it is only in these rarest times that I let myself dream and hope of the love that I want to have in my life. A love a lot like in the books. 

xx, K

Words are the Food of My Ever Wandering Soul

Why I write? It’s not because I want to be heard. It’s not to have many followers (though a lot of followers would be great haha). It’s not because I want to prove something or to point something out that I would want the masses to be aware about like those political and societal stuff and all. I’m not into that. 

The reason why I write and post stuff in blogs like this is to take out a piece of my mind. I don’t mind if no one would be able to read it. I don’t mind if it’s the worst blog posts ever. All I do mind is that I’m able to unburden myself with whatever I keep inside me that I can’t and won’t be able to impart to others, even to my closest friends. 

Blogging is like talking to a friend that could keep all my secrets without judging me, without having these thoughts on the back of its mind and opinions about what I just told it. 

Blogging makes me feel lighter after. Makes me feel so much better. It’s also like talking to myself. I’m not sure in what sense but it’s the kind of talking to myself that no one would think I’m insane and mentally disabled (which I sometimes think I have because of all the unusual thoughts and way of thinking that I have). 

I like writing stories too.

I like writing in general. 

I love words and how I could construct them together and all the words would finally makes sense. 

OH. I’ve just realized something. 

Words are like the things that happen in our lives. They come to us one by one, or all at once, or we still have to find a word that’s missing. But when we get all the words we need, we could form it into a sentence and finally, all the random and almost nonsense words would now make sense. 

Rosie Dunne



Rosie Dunne is about the journey of two people, Alex and Rosie who’ve known each other since childhood. Everyone thinks their soulmates. Everyone thinks they belong together and they would end up together. But fate has done funny things two these two people that they can’t seem to finally end up together just when you’d thought they would. Even though they have different lives in different countries, they still remain best friends. And now you’d keep wondering, when will it be them. Are they going to finally realize that they are for each other? Or will it be too late?

This book is 4/5 for me. It has a different style of writing but more entertaining than most traditionally written books I’ve read in this kind of genre. I fell in love, got angry, frustrated, sad, happy and everything. The story covers almost 50 years of Rosie Dunne’s life. Rosie Dunne is a strong strong woman even though she doesn’t know it. And knowing her struggles in life (getting pregnant in high school and not getting into college that she really really wanted, but she kept on pushing through and somehow got through the bad things that happened in her life), made me realize that in the end, everything will turn out right for you.

The story isn’t just about life, it’s also about love. A love that’s deeper than those teen/young adult novels that we usually read (those books where boy meets girl and some girl or guy or whatever conflict that keeps the boy and girl form being together. You know, those kind of stuff). Because I believe that Love that’s bounded by friendship is the strongest of all. And Rosie and Alex didn’t need to have sex for them to let each other know how they love each other.

(I get slightly turned off by those books that has intense intimacy between the couple or sex. I don’t know why. I guess, I just think that sex isn’t necessary to show how you love your partner.)

With Rosie and Alex, it was all about The Silence.

I could relate to that Silence they’re looking for. Because I’m not really the talker type so I like to be with someone who I can be silent with and not feel awkward.

Rosie Dunne is one of the books I’d forever love. Thanks to my friend who recommended and let me borrow her book.

Kinda excited for the up coming movie next year with Sam Claflin. 🙂




I’ve read a lot of books before this. And it’s in my other blog. I forgot its password so…

Attachments is about a guy named Lincoln who got a job as an ‘IT guy’ at The Courier. He is supposed to check e-mails of the employees making sure that they are not violating any office rules. Then there’s Beth and Jennifer. Their e-mails always get flagged so Lincoln always has to read them. As he gets to read their e-mails almost everyday, he starts to fall for one of them. And he doesn’t know if it’s right or wrong, or whether he should stop or not.

It’s a good book. I give it a 3.5-4 out of 5. I wasn’t really planning to buy it at the bookstore when I first saw it. The bookstore was on sale so I checked on the books. And then I got excited how low the prices went down. So I started to think that I could buy one if I find a book worth buying. And then I came across this. It looked old. Like it has been on display for years and have been touched, scanned or read a bunch of times. I read the back part of the book. It didn’t seem to interest me. I went back to it twice. I was about to give up on buying it. But there was something inside me that urged me to read it, to give it a chance.

So I did. I read the book. And it was one of the most unexpected, beautiful, funny and heart warming books I’ve ever read. Do you know that feeling when you finally felt you found ‘The One’? I don’t know how would that feel either because I haven’t had any relationships, yet(HAHA). But the feeling I had when I finished Attachments, it felt like I found The One, I think, that’s how it would feel like if I will find my The One. I didn’t know what will happen to them. I didn’t know how it would end. Everything felt so right. Everything was in place.

When I’m done reading, I spent the next five minutes spazzing and rolling on my bed. And then I called a friend and shared to her my sentiments. She asked me to borrow the book and when we hung up, I went back to rolling around, but on the floor this time. It’s one of those books that would take you by surprise. It’s one of those books that you would think at first that it’s just meh, blah or okay but then as you read through it something is planted in your heart and in your mind and would grow inside and would remain planted in you for a long long time.

It’s one of those books that I would hardly forget. I will always remember this one. I will always remember a love like Lincoln’s. I love how his love grew. I love the way he loves. And I love the way he called his love ‘Love at before sight’.