“And White” by Katastrophicity

Gray and white, the sky screams
The rain comes rushing it seems
When you think it’s okay, it’s not
The world is ending, can it not?

Black and white, all has fallen
How can all of this happen
Destroyed, wrecked and shattered
The storm has stolen a thousand lives, it’s absurd.

Blue and white, dark days are gone
Something’s peeking, must be the sun
Keep moving, we must go on
But it will never be forgotten, the storm.

Yellow and white, clear skies ahead
No one sleeps in their own bed
How to go back, don’t know how
Maybe never, but we’ll live now.

When Colors Fade Away


The skies has turned so dark and gloomy

Flowers wilt, and now it’s gray

Know not if this I could carry

When colors fade away.


My heart beats no more, for none

The pinks clashed and went astray

And fast in loops be gone

When colors fade away.


This grim I seize, I don’t desire

Sun, I wish, shower thy ray

And burn eternally by fire

When colors fade away.


Shall you keep me from anguish?

The seas may splash the dullest sky

Grant my only wish

When colors fade away.


Warm my body with the reddest of fire

Chill me with the bluest of ice

Be deaf my ear with the brightest lyre

When colors fade away.