Words are the Food of My Ever Wandering Soul

Why I write? It’s not because I want to be heard. It’s not to have many followers (though a lot of followers would be great haha). It’s not because I want to prove something or to point something out that I would want the masses to be aware about like those political and societal stuff and all. I’m not into that. 

The reason why I write and post stuff in blogs like this is to take out a piece of my mind. I don’t mind if no one would be able to read it. I don’t mind if it’s the worst blog posts ever. All I do mind is that I’m able to unburden myself with whatever I keep inside me that I can’t and won’t be able to impart to others, even to my closest friends. 

Blogging is like talking to a friend that could keep all my secrets without judging me, without having these thoughts on the back of its mind and opinions about what I just told it. 

Blogging makes me feel lighter after. Makes me feel so much better. It’s also like talking to myself. I’m not sure in what sense but it’s the kind of talking to myself that no one would think I’m insane and mentally disabled (which I sometimes think I have because of all the unusual thoughts and way of thinking that I have). 

I like writing stories too.

I like writing in general. 

I love words and how I could construct them together and all the words would finally makes sense. 

OH. I’ve just realized something. 

Words are like the things that happen in our lives. They come to us one by one, or all at once, or we still have to find a word that’s missing. But when we get all the words we need, we could form it into a sentence and finally, all the random and almost nonsense words would now make sense.