Rosie Dunne



Rosie Dunne is about the journey of two people, Alex and Rosie who’ve known each other since childhood. Everyone thinks their soulmates. Everyone thinks they belong together and they would end up together. But fate has done funny things two these two people that they can’t seem to finally end up together just when you’d thought they would. Even though they have different lives in different countries, they still remain best friends. And now you’d keep wondering, when will it be them. Are they going to finally realize that they are for each other? Or will it be too late?

This book is 4/5 for me. It has a different style of writing but more entertaining than most traditionally written books I’ve read in this kind of genre. I fell in love, got angry, frustrated, sad, happy and everything. The story covers almost 50 years of Rosie Dunne’s life. Rosie Dunne is a strong strong woman even though she doesn’t know it. And knowing her struggles in life (getting pregnant in high school and not getting into college that she really really wanted, but she kept on pushing through and somehow got through the bad things that happened in her life), made me realize that in the end, everything will turn out right for you.

The story isn’t just about life, it’s also about love. A love that’s deeper than those teen/young adult novels that we usually read (those books where boy meets girl and some girl or guy or whatever conflict that keeps the boy and girl form being together. You know, those kind of stuff). Because I believe that Love that’s bounded by friendship is the strongest of all. And Rosie and Alex didn’t need to have sex for them to let each other know how they love each other.

(I get slightly turned off by those books that has intense intimacy between the couple or sex. I don’t know why. I guess, I just think that sex isn’t necessary to show how you love your partner.)

With Rosie and Alex, it was all about The Silence.

I could relate to that Silence they’re looking for. Because I’m not really the talker type so I like to be with someone who I can be silent with and not feel awkward.

Rosie Dunne is one of the books I’d forever love. Thanks to my friend who recommended and let me borrow her book.

Kinda excited for the up coming movie next year with Sam Claflin. 🙂