Just Keep Swimming

It has been three years since I started to fully know this ‘Darkness’ I’m struggling with. Nobody knows it but me. I’ve been aquainted with him a few times earlier in my life but I haven’t really thought through about it.

Until this event happened three years ago which resulted a fall back to the arms of Darkness. I told no one. Because if I tell someone, he or she might not understand or he or she might only take it lightly. Which will not help in my situation tha time. So I kept it to myself. It was hard. It was really hard.

As time went by, I thought that I was slowly recovering. I though I was okay. I thought that I’m over everything. But now, I realized that I never recovered. I just learned how to swim to the surface and just float along. But I’m still in this Darkness. I don’t know until when but I think I’ll be here for a long time.

Right now, it’s slowly drowning me again. And I’m a little scared because it’s never certain what will happen once I’m down there.

Someone pull me up and save me.

xx, K