Is This Real Life or Is This Just Fantasy



If I haven’t read a single book, I think I would be a limited person today. Limited in the sense that I wouldn’t have known about the things I would not learn about on a normal basis. Reading is something that keeps me sane and insane at the same time. Sane, because I can’t live without reading. I have to have a book with me in my bag all the time. Insane, because there are times that I seem t live in a different world.

I think differently. And whenever I impart some of my thoughts to my friends, some of it, they can’t register in their minds. Or they would think it would be too unusual and sometimes think that I’m weird to even think it. It’s not that I think their dumb or I’m dumb or something. It’s just that we’re different. They are too attached with the reality of life. While I occasionally detach myself from reality and chooses to live in fantasy to take a break. 

Reality is too energy draining. Being with a group of people the whole day is energy draining. That’s why when I get home it feel so good to lie on the floor and just lay there. And then my mind starts to wander. And that’s one way how I take a break from reality. Another way is to read a book or write a new post for my blog or watch tv. 

A lot of choices really. The bottom line is that I must be alone.