Let It Be



Let it be. When things aren’t as you expect it to be. 

Let it be. When things don’t go your way.

Let it be. When you expect something and the exact opposite happened.

Let it be. When the people you like don’t like you back.

Let it be. When a person doesn’t stay in your life. 

Let it be. When a tragedy happens. 

Let it be. When anger is slowly rising in your chest and that when you feel like you’re losing control.

Let it be. When everything seems hopeless.

Let it be. When you feel like your life is so mundane and get envy of other people’s adventures in life. 

Let it be. When you just feel so alone and that no one understands you.

Letting things be doesn’t mean that you just get to sit on one side would just watch your life pass you by. It’s about letting things be because the experience, the feelings, the lessons and the new perspective that these negative things that happen in our lives are worthy to be immersed in. For when we feel, that is when we are most human. These negative happenings make us better, stronger and more polished. We are like swords being continuously hit by the blacksmith with his hammer and putting us in the fire and then hammering on us again to make us be the most sensible, strongest and sharpest sword he’d ever made. Let things be because you can’t change it. Pay attention to the things that you can change and you’ll start making the real change that you want. Stressing about the things that you have no control on would only worsen things. So when you feel like everything is just so chaotic and unsolvable, just remember that recurring line in a famous song as you take a deep breath….

Let it be. Let it be. Let it be. Let it be.~


xx K