To a friend that may never read this:

I have been friends with you for almost half my life and, honestly, I want for it to last a lifetime. We’ve been through a lot. We had a lot of petty fights, alliances against other friends, our share of naughtiness and a lot more. I can truly say that we are really best friends.

But I can’t just ignore the changes I’ve noticed whenever we see each other. It’s like you’re a different person every single time. You show me a side of yourself that I’ve never though I’d see in you. At first I thought that it’s normal because we’re adults now and somehow starting to find ourselves. And then I thought that maybe you jist adapted some ways from your college friends. I was trying hard to understand you and accept you for who you’re becoming, even when we were younger.
It’s okay to change, my friend. It’s the only constant thing in this world anyway. But, my friend, change for the better not for the worse. Sadly, the changes I see gets worse and worse. I’m not saying that I’m perfect, that I’m better than you because I’m not. But I try to be good. At least I try to be. For you right now, it’s like the bad is the new good. The good actions and words I try to do in my life it’s like you’re making me see them as a bad thing. That’s why I’m not comfortable in sharing that part of my life to you because I feel like you’d laugh at me or mock me.

I know that you are strightforward and don’t sugarcoat things much but there’s a difference between being straighforward in a constructive, respectful way and being tackless, self-centered bitch. Lately, you’re being the latter. (I’m not calling you a bitch. It’s a verb. You know, what bitches do)

I don’t know what to say to you anymore because you’re old enough to be responsible with your actions. I still love you because you are my friend but I don’t like what you’re becoming.

Find your way back, my friend. Find your way back. And if there will come a time you’ll realize everything, I’ll be here to help you. You are not like this. You are a good person. I believe you are.

And now, it’s your turn to believe it too.

xx K