I’ve read a lot of books before this. And it’s in my other blog. I forgot its password so…

Attachments┬áis about a guy named Lincoln who got a job as an ‘IT guy’ at The Courier. He is supposed to check e-mails of the employees making sure that they are not violating any office rules. Then there’s Beth and Jennifer. Their e-mails always get flagged so Lincoln always has to read them. As he gets to read their e-mails almost everyday, he starts to fall for one of them. And he doesn’t know if it’s right or wrong, or whether he should stop or not.

It’s a good book. I give it a 3.5-4 out of 5. I wasn’t really planning to buy it at the bookstore when I first saw it. The bookstore was on sale so I checked on the books. And then I got excited how low the prices went down. So I started to think that I could buy one if I find a book worth buying. And then I came across this. It looked old. Like it has been on display for years and have been touched, scanned or read a bunch of times. I read the back part of the book. It didn’t seem to interest me. I went back to it twice. I was about to give up on buying it. But there was something inside me that urged me to read it, to give it a chance.

So I did. I read the book. And it was one of the most unexpected, beautiful, funny and heart warming books I’ve ever read. Do you know that feeling when you finally felt you found ‘The One’? I don’t know how would that feel either because I haven’t had any relationships, yet(HAHA). But the feeling I had when I finished Attachments, it felt like I found The One, I think, that’s how it would feel like if I will find my The One. I didn’t know what will happen to them. I didn’t know how it would end. Everything felt so right. Everything was in place.

When I’m done reading, I spent the next five minutes spazzing and rolling on my bed. And then I called a friend and shared to her my sentiments. She asked me to borrow the book and when we hung up, I went back to rolling around, but on the floor this time. It’s one of those books that would take you by surprise. It’s one of those books that you would think at first that it’s just meh, blah or okay but then as you read through it something is planted in your heart and in your mind and would grow inside and would remain planted in you for a long long time.

It’s one of those books that I would hardly forget. I will always remember this one. I will always remember a love like Lincoln’s. I love how his love grew. I love the way he loves. And I love the way he called his love ‘Love at before sight’.